Thursday, March 6, 2008

Five Weeks Old

It is amazing to think that she is already five weeks old. She is getting such a personality! We are having stomach problems about 5 - 8 every night. We changed her formula yesterday to something with less lactose. I am hoping this helps. She is perfect during the day and then turns into this screaming monster around 5 o'clock. She goes to bed between 9 & 10 and will sleep to about 1 AM eat and then get up again at 4 AM. We get up at 7 and take Cory to school come home and eat again. She will go back to sleep for a couple of hours. She is staying awake most of the afternoon. She loves riding in the car!!

We went to Logan's last Saturday was her first night out and she slept the entire time we were there.

She loves her puts her in the zone. She is so calm my mother swears I give her drugs. We have been so lucky because she is so laid back and relaxed the only time she really gets upset is when you don't feed her fast enought.

I call this picture her Chris Johnson face! She is so serious.

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